and how can it improve my care at home?


The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a Medicaid program available throughout New York State that allows patients or their care managers to hire a caregiver they select. This caregiver doesn’t have to possess any previous caregiving experience and can be a friend, neighbor, or family member.


Under CDPAP, the patient has complete power over hiring, scheduling, training, and terminating the caregiver they choose. While CDPAP offers a great deal of flexibility, it also seeks to handle many of the troublesome aspects of managing caregivers: namely payroll and training. When it comes to paying caregivers,
Medicaid will pay the appointee according to the hours allotted by the patient’s care plan. While the patient is responsible for training their caregiver of choice, CDPAP provides comprehensive training materials and assistance to streamline and facilitate the process.







Read about some of the many
benefits CDPAP offers both patients and caregivers.

Hire Your Own Caregiver

Patients can hire a caregiver they know and trust, even a close family relative.

Family Caregivers Get $

Unpaid family caregivers can get paid for their time and services.

No Certification Needed

No certification or training required, so anyone can get started right away.

Greater Control Over Care

Hiring your own caregiver gives you greater control over the quality of care.

More Freedom in Care

Personal assistants are allowed to administer skilled services such as wound care.

Consumer Directed

CDPAP requires minimal interaction with home care agencies.

Greater Control Over Care

Unlike many programs before it, CDPAP places the decision-making power back where it should be: in a patient’s hands.

Better Patient Relationship

Under CDPAP, patients get to choose the caregivers with whom they feel most comfortable. This enhances the care environment and leads to more functional caregiver/patient relationships.

Pay for Family Caregivers

In 2015, more than 34.2 million people were providing unpaid care to a family member or loved one, at an average time commitment of 24.4 hours per week. CDPAP secures predictable pay for these hardworking family caregivers, which serves to make the burden of care more bearable and ensure quality care for clients.

Replace Caregivers

Before CDPAP, clients rarely ever had the decision to choose to terminate a caregiver. With CDPAP, however, consumers can put an end to their care at any time, which has the potential to restore a patient’s feeling of independence and autonomy, while avoiding uncomfortable or dangerous care situations.

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Enrolling in CDPAP

If you are interested in enrolling in CDPAP or have any questions regarding your eligibility, we’re here to help. For a direct approach, fill out the form below. You can also call our offices at 844-574-1171, and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives.

To enroll in CDPAP, you’ll need to fill out all the necessary forms and have a nurse visit your home for a care assessment. Once you have identified a care plan, you can select a caregiver of your choosing. If you don’t know anyone available to work as your caregiver, our staff here at CDPAPdirect can help you find someone trustworthy and competent.

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